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What is Aromatherapy?

Nearly 6,000 years ago the Egyptians began using the elements of Aromatherapy in their daily lives. There is documentation showing that the Egyptians used herbs and aromatic woods to make incense to burn in honor of their gods. Aromatic oils were used to satisfy important guests in imperial harems. Aromatherapy has roots in ancient healing

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What is Massage Advantage?

“What is Massage Advantage?” This may be a question you ask yourself when you are looking on our website or requesting your appointment. Well, let me tell you a little bit about us! We are not a franchise, but we do work nationwide. We can connect you to independent therapists all across the U.S. in

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This is Not a 5-Minute Mini Massage from Your Significant Other

You know your spouse loves you when they give you a massage, but are you sure they know what they’re doing? The 5-minute mini massage from your spouse or significant other should not be compared to the professional therapeutic services provided by our Massage Therapists and here’s why. Did you know most states require Massage

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Should I get a Facial?

Top 5 Reasons for a Facial 1.       Slows the Aging Process – Regular facials will stimulate muscles and strengthen the skin. Stronger skin is more resistant to the wrinkling and sagging so many of us would like to avoid. A well formulated treatment can even out the skin tone and building collagen. Try adding a

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